A word from our President

As a major player in home healthcare, LVL Medical Group has gained the reputation of being sound, innovative and ambitious.
The effectiveness of our organization is due to the close involvement of our 2,600 employees who, in both France and in Germany, assure the therapeutic follow-up of our patients which has been entrusted to us by their doctors.
Our foundation for growth is based on two strategic axes; on the one hand a perfect understanding of procedures and regulatory demands, so that we can deliver the best possible service to our patients; and on the other, the strong values we share, which are specific to the group and generate an exceptional dynamic within the business.Jean-Claude Lavorel Without doubt, the success of LVL Medical and its capacity to invest in the future, to progress and to innovate, rests on our wholehearted belief in the importance of what we do. We are intensely proud of playing a part in a noble and profoundly human calling.